Add a teddy bear

How nice of you to add a teddy!

In this way it is even more fun for children and their mom or dad to take a stroll around the neighborhood. We also work together to ensure that the parks and playgrounds do not become overcrowded, there is more pleasant contact in the neighborhood and people in quarantine may feel less lonely.

If you are also looking for bears in the area, make sure that you keep sufficient distance to each other and that you do not share sensitive information with others (eg house numbers and photos of other hunters).

How does this form work?

  • First of all create an account, you can do that here. Having your own account makes it easier to manage bears afterwards.
  • Look for your location on the map. To make things easier, the browser will ask for your location, this way the map will be able to check where you are currently located.
  • Click on the map, wherever you want to place your teddy. A green marker will appear with the text: 'chosen location'.
  • Click on the button 'SEND'.

It will take around 1 hour to add your newly set location.

Please only register your own teddy!

The coordinates below will be filled in once you mark a spot on the map. You can't fill them in yourself.

By submitting the form, you agree to the location being saved. It is always possible to remove a location or have it removed. If you are unable to send the form, you can let us know via the contact form.